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Yet the power was there all the same, massed outside indifferent, impersonal, not attending to anything in particular.This novel is about a dependent lonely teenage boy who blames his parents and friends for his unhappiness. Franklin Crabbe, the main character of this novel feels controlled by his parents and has no freedom.3/5(2).

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Head British Literature Agoust 30th, “Crabbe” Crabbe by William Bell is a journal of Franklin Crabbe, an unhappy teenager who, right before his final exams, decided to run away and leave not a trace.

It takes him some time to plan it, but he gets away with it, packing up his things and driving away from his life as a.

William Bell is an award-winning author of more than a dozen books for young adults. Born in Toronto, Ontario inhe has been a high school English teacher and department head, and an instructor at the Harbin University of Science and Technology, the Foreign Affairs College in Beijing, and the University of British Columbia/5.

This is apparent in William Bell’s novel Crabbe, in the case of young Franklin Crabbe. Firstly, Crabbe’s ordeal in nature teaches him to put others before himself.

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At the beginning of his journey, he is self-centred whilst making decisions, whereas at the end of his journey, he is able to consider others first. The Weasleys are considered one of the prominent wizarding families, although their lack of money and their sympathy for non-pure-blood wizards and even Muggles makes others look down on them.

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Crabbe by william bell essay
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